Get a printed copy of the dissertation on The New Way of Working

You can receive a printed copy of the dissertation (223 pages) for € 8,00. These are the bare printing costs. The shipping/postal costs are on me. There are still enough extra copies available so feel free to ask.

Use the contact page to order a copy of the dissertation.

The abstract text on the back reads:

In an ever-changing world of work, organizations struggle to keep pace with technological developments, enabling employees to work more flexible and mobile. The New Way of Working is a relatively new phenomenon that addresses these developments, and has a growing interest in organizations. It encompasses changes on three interrelated areas or dimensions: the physical dimension, or work environment, referred to as Bricks; the technological dimension, focusing on the use of information technology, referred to as Bytes; and the personal dimension, dealing with the manager-employee and human-work relationships, referred to as Behavior. By implementing new ways of working, organizations aim to remain attractive for young talent, and improve employee engagement and ultimately organizational performance.

This research studies the organizational and technological effects of the implementation of the New Way of Working from the transformational, knowledge management and information technology perspective. It seeks to uncover how organizations and individuals are impacted by the implementation of the New Way of Working, and what guidelines can be offered to address changes. The results of this research contribute to a larger understanding of the implications of the evolving work environment. The ability of organizations to cope with the ever-changing world of work, will to a large extent determine their future success.


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