Get a printed copy of the dissertation on The New Way of Working

You can receive a printed copy of the dissertation (223 pages) for € 8,00. These are the bare printing costs. The shipping/postal costs are on me. There are still enough extra copies available so feel free to ask. Use the contact page to order a copy of the dissertation. The abstract text on the back... Continue Reading →

The New Way of Working and leadership style: the role of cultural differences

In the brief review of the history of work (see blog post), the effects of the Industrial Revolution and the Scientific Management theory of Taylor (1911) were discussed. They led to the low-level managerial control of employees, who were deprived from all personal development. The reaction from the job enrichment theory (Herzberg, 1966; Hackman &... Continue Reading →

The challenge of the 21st century

The world in which we work is changing. The advancement of information technologies is conceived as one of the major causes for the changing nature of work. Work is no longer restricted to a certain time or place. Work may even cross the traditional boundaries of organizations. As information has become available to everyone anywhere,... Continue Reading →

A brief review of the history of work

In past centuries, apart from slavery, people worked on the land or in crafts in a relatively independent way. Knowledge intensive work was learned in a master-apprentice relationship and often performed in guilds or other professional associations. It was not until the Industrial Revolution, which began in the nineteenth century, when major changes in work... Continue Reading →

Inspiring offices

With the changes in way we work, the role of the workplace is changing too. One of the most visible effects of the implementation of the New Way of Working in organizations is the radical re-design of office space; the creation of new office space that is breaking with all traditional rules and design concepts.... Continue Reading →

The emergence of the New Way of Working

It may seem that the way we work hardly changes from day to day, but over time the change is enormous. It is hard to imagine how organizations could operate in the past without computers, because today, people go home when the network goes down. In the nineties, changes were mostly IT-driven, based on the... Continue Reading →

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